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Patterson School of Accountancy
University of Mississippi

A message from Dean Mark Wilder to the Patterson School of Accountancy 2019-2020 graduates:

Dear Patterson School Graduates,

Congratulations on your many academic achievements and for receiving your degrees from the University of Mississippi’s Patterson School of Accountancy!! We have high expectations and our program is one of the most rigorous in the nation. It is certainly an accomplishment to graduate from the PSOA and I speak on behalf of our entire faculty and staff in letting you know that we are all very proud of you and very happy for you.

The year 2020 marks the 41st Anniversary of the School of Accountancy as a separate and independent school. We are proud of the advances we have made in those 41 years and of the quality of education and opportunities we continue to offer our students.

The Patterson School has become a mainstay in the national rankings, having been ranked among the top 20 accounting programs nationally for each of the past 12 years. We have been in the top 10 in the nation for each of the past 9 years.

These rankings are a testament to the high quality of you – our students. We are very proud of our students/graduates and we appreciate your commitment and all your hard work. During the last 41 years, the Patterson School has granted well more than 6,000 Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Degrees. We are pleased that all of you will join those former graduates and become part of the Ole Miss Accountancy Alumni network.

I know that your parents (grandparents and other family members and friends) have made many sacrifices along the way and have provided much encouragement to enable you to reach this significant milestone in your life. I hope that you will express your appreciation to your family and friends for all of their support.

Graduates, you have completed an exciting, significant and challenging stage in your life. As you prepare to begin your professional career or continue your education, I would like to share a few thought with you:

1. I hope you will strive to be prepared in all that you do, both personally and professionally. This preparation will help you to have self-confidence which will in turn help you to be successful.
2. I urge you to focus, to renew and to strengthen your sense of ethical responsibility as well as your commitment to excellence and integrity.
3. I encourage you to be willing to work very hard, to be patient, to learn as much as you can along the way, and to be resilient when you face adversity.
4. I also encourage you to always lead by example, to treat others the way you would like to be treated, and to have humility.
5. Finally, I encourage you to have high expectations for yourself and for others, to always keep your eye on the big picture, and to strive to make our world, our university and our profession better places.

As you do all these things, please enjoy the journey.

Graduates, I hope that each of you will always consider the Patterson School of Accountancy your home on this campus and that we will see you often.

Congratulations once again!!

W. Mark Wilder
Dean and KPMG Chair of Accountancy