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Patterson School of Accountancy
University of Mississippi

Academic Advising for Master’s Students

Prospective and admitted master’s students are advised by Dr. Jennifer McClure, Director of Master’s Programs. Admitted students must be advised prior to registering for master’s classes. For students who have not yet applied for a master’s program, tentative degree plans that are subject to change based on admission and/or course availability will be created.

You can schedule a Zoom or in-person advising appointment via Calendly.

If you are an Ole Miss student who will be taking your last undergraduate class(es) in the summer, you must meet with your undergraduate advisor for summer term advising prior to meeting with Dr. McClure for master’s program advising.

Preparing for Your Advising Meeting

Advising meetings last approximately 30 minutes. During that time, Dr. McClure and you will discuss classes and develop a degree plan for your master’s program.

Each master’s program requires 10 three-hour classes (30 total hours). Full-time enrollment for master’s students is 9-12 hours (3-4 classes) in fall and spring semesters. Generally, 2-3 classes are taken outside of fall and spring semesters, with 1-3 of those in the summer. Taking a class in winter intersession is an option for some students (determined by electives chosen). Master of Accountancy & Data Analytics and Master of Taxation & Data Analytics students are required to take ACCY 628 in May intersession or August intersession; we recommend taking that class at the beginning rather than the end of your master’s studies. Degree requirements as well as your starting term, how you’d like to distribute hours across semester and terms, and the electives that you choose will inform the placement of classes in your degree plan. You can complete your master’s degree in 10-12 months.

Prior to your advising meeting, you’ll need to look at the degree requirements for your program and consider which electives you may want to take. You’ll also want to look at the requirements to sit for the exam and for licensure eligibility for the state in which you are planning to pursue CPA licensure. While the CPA exam is the same for all states, requirements to sit for the exam and for licensure eligibility vary and may inform your elective choices in your master’s program.

Questions about advising? Please contact Dr. Jennifer McClure, Director of Master’s Programs, at or (662) 915-1675.