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The Patterson School’s internship program encourages students to consider an internship, but it is not a requirement. The program is primarily designed for students to intern during the spring semester of their senior year. However, the program is flexible and permits summer and fall internships, as well as internships during the master’s program.

Spring Semester Internship Courses

Students performing an 8- to 10-week internship in the spring semester may earn 9 to 12 hours of credit in the internship semester. This is possible by receiving 3 hours of credit for the internship (from early January through mid-March). The student then returns to campus to take courses in a mini-semester from mid-March through the end of the semester. Mini-semester courses typically begin the Monday following spring break. ACCY 407 (Governmental) and ACCY 411 (Business Law) are undergraduate courses typically taught in the “mini-semester” in the spring. Students may also enroll in online courses. One graduate course, ACCY 525 (Professional Report Writing) is also typically taught in the “mini-semester.” Students with approved internships enroll in ACCY 520: Accounting Internship. A minimum of 300 hours must be worked in order to earn credit for ACCY 520. ACCY 520 is offered on a Pass-Fail basis and is designed to be a 3-hour course but can be used as a 6-hour course if necessary (for financial aid or insurance purposes, etc.). If a student must register for 6 hours, only 3 hours will count toward the degree. For this course, students will be required to write a paper and submit periodic journal reports while employed as an intern. ACCY 520 may be applied toward the undergraduate or graduate degree (but not both). For undergraduate credit, ACCY 520 is used as an elective OR to replace MGMT 493. For graduate credit, ACCY 520 is used as a nonaccountancy elective. NOTE: If minoring in management, ACCY 520 cannot be used to replace MGMT 493 (i.e., cannot be used to satisfy the minor requirements). NOTE: To be used as a graduate course, a student must have already graduated or be in his or her last semester of undergraduate course work. A student can receive credit for ACCY 520 only once. Students with approved internships must register for ACCY 520 prior to the internship semester. The program is flexible to allow students to intern in the summer or fall and receive credit for ACCY 520. However, mini-semester courses will only be taught in the spring.

Summary of Spring Semester Internship Courses

  • ACCY 520: Accounting Internship
  • ACCY 407:* Governmental & Nonprofit Accounting
  • ACCY 411:* Business Law
  • ACCY 525:* Professional Report Writing (this is a graduate course)

Online courses: WRIT 250 is one example (a course accounting majors need, which is usually taught online)

*ACCY 407, 411, and 525 are taught in a mini-semester during the last half of the spring semester.

Suggested Course Planning

(Assuming Internship in Spring of Senior Year)

  • Junior Year (Fall) ACCY 303, either ACCY 309 or ACCY 310
  • Junior Year (Spring) ACCY 304, either ACCY 309 or ACCY 310
  • Senior Year (Summer/Fall) ACCY 401, ACCY 402, ACCY 405
  • Senior Year (Spring) ACCY 520, ACCY 407, ACCY 411, WRIT 250

NOTE: This suggested course planning indicates that it is a good strategy to “save” until spring semester of the senior year, some (or all) of these courses: ACCY 407, ACCY 411 and WRIT 250.

Process for Securing Internships for Spring

In the spring semester, one year prior to the internship semester, Dean Wilder and a Career Center representative will hold an informational meeting with students interested in pursuing a spring internship. The purpose of this meeting is to provide information about the internship program and guidelines for constructing a resume. A one-page resume will need to be prepared and uploaded on the Career Center website in the appropriate “spring accounting internship drop box” location. The resume CANNOT be more than one page and must be uploaded prior to spring break. Employers will be contacted immediately after spring break and will be provided with a package of resumes from internship candidates. Firms typically begin “courting” students in late spring and summer. Internship interviews are scheduled for September. Tentative dates are for interviews to begin the Tuesday after Labor Day and continue for two weeks. Students with a strong interest in interning in Texas must contact Dean Mark Wilder prior to spring break. Students may also pursue internship opportunities during the summer and fall terms; however, there is no scheduled interview week, and students will be responsible for locating and securing those positions.

Other Information

A student must complete ACCY 304 (Intermediate II) prior to doing an internship for credit. It is preferable (but not absolutely necessary) for students to complete ACCY 401 (Auditing) and ACCY 405 (Tax) prior to the internship semester. The Patterson School enforces no GPA requirement, but many of the firms and companies impose GPA minimum requirements. Grades are a chief consideration in selection of interns. Students with less than a 3.0 GPA historically have had some difficulty securing an internship. The Patterson School will do whatever possible to assist students in obtaining an internship. However, ultimately it is the responsibility of the student to secure an internship. Should students want to intern outside the Southeast (or in a specific small-town location), the responsibility shifts to the students as it is more difficult for us to help students secure internships under these circumstances.

For Further Information

If you have additional questions, please contact:

Mark Wilder, Ph.D., Dean and KPMG Chair of Accountancy, 662-915-7468,

Hillary Goulding, Assistant to the Dean, 662-915-5009,

Erin Ridout, Academic Counselor, 662-915-6662,

Christy Wright, (Career Center) Recruiting Coordinator, 662-915-7174,

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